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Details on different AMC locations; like the AMC 30, Forum 30 and Kanata. Links of where to get the latest movie showtimes, movie listings, and other useful info you need if you're visiting one of the many AMC Theatres.

Although a lot of people spell it as 'AMC Theaters', the correct spelling is actually AMC Theatres®. Below you'll find a little bit about AMC Theatres. Things like how many screens they have and other interesting information about the company.

AMC is one of the world's largest theatrical exhibition companies, with more than 3,500 screens. AMC is the leader in modern, megaplex-style theatre complexes, with locations in most major markets in the United States and seven other countries. AMC theatres are the choice of almost 200 million moviegoers each year.

AMC Theaters invites guests to Experience the Difference(TM) of an AMC Theatre. The company's reputation for innovation can be seen in everything from the smallest details to groundbreaking ideas that have transformed the movie-exhibition industry - such as the megaplex, which premiered in Dallas in 1995.

What Sets Them Apart
With 80 years of success and proven leadership, AMC's history and asset quality deliver a competitive advantage in the exhibition industry.

AMC has highly productive theatres, a modern theatre circuit, and broad major market coverage with prime theatre locations. Week-in and week-out, AMC Theatres dominates the list of the Top 50 highest-grossing theatres in North America.

The AMC Mission
AMC's Mission - to provide the best possible moviegoing experience - has driven AMC to set the high standards for performance that others attempt to follow.

Amenities (may vary from theater to theater)

  • Stadium seating with 18-inch risers for unobstructed viewing
  • Digital surround sound that envelops the audience in a multi-dimensional cinematic sound environment
  • AMC's exclusive LoveSeat®-style seating
  • Large, efficient, fast-service concession stand.
  • The premier "MovieWatcher" rewards program for frequent moviegoers
  • AMC Guest Services area for superior customer service
  • Advance credit card ticket sales by phone or online at
  • Automated Box Offices for easy ticket purchasing and advance ticket order pick-up
  • The AMC Entertainment Card, a stored-value gift card

AMC TheatersAMC Theaters - Theater locations and pages on AMC 30 theater, Forum 30, and the AMC Kanata theater. Also a list of theaters in the Orlando area, New Jersey, Canada, Europe, and other theaters in North America.

AMC MoviesMovies - A-Z list of what movies were being shown, & a few that were coming soon. Since we are unable to update this page every time a new film comes out, please visit the official AMC website for the very latest info. (Links inside)

AMC Movie TimesMovie Times - Times for just a few of the movies that were being shown. Use the links to see the latest AMC movie times & movies for your region/state. You can also select a date to see the movie times for that specific day.

AMC 30AMC 30 - A list of just a few of the movies that were being shown at the AMC 30 theatre when this page was written. For the very latest movies and times you should use the links provided.

AMC Forum 30AMC Forum 30 - The information on this page is out of date and doesn't show you what movies are currently being shown at the AMC forum 30 theater. But we have provided you with links of where you can get the very latest movie listings.

AMC KanataAMC Kanata - Ticket pricing, amenities, features and more with regards to the AMC Kanata theater. With MovieWatcher you can purchase your tickets online anytime and with little hassle. Links to sites that offer the latest showtimes.

The most relevant links we could find, placed here free

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AMC Theatres - Career opportunity section of the AMC site. See what jobs are going.

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